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Job Offer: CTO at Snuffelbox

About Snuffelbox

Snuffelbox creates products, experiences, and entertainment for dogs and the humans who love them. The lasting brand that Disney has built for kids and families, Snuffelbox is building for the fast-growing market of dog people.

Our ambition-level is high, the opportunity is huge, and our love for dogs is boundless. We launched in 2015 with Snuffelbox, a quarterly themed subscription box filled with all-natural treats and clever toys. Since then, we've shipped more than 20.000 products to The Netherlands and Belgium.

We are committed to a culture that is open, inclusive, generous, and enthusiastic. We embrace diversity of all stripes and spots. At Snuffelbox, we know that dogs aren't pets; they're family. Our people believe that their dogs deserve the best. The best treats, the best toys, the best seat on the couch. Together, we're driven to be the people our dogs think we are. 

About you

Do you love dogs? Are you excited by the opportunity to develop a company’s technological backbone from the ground up? Do you think you can come up with (part of) the strategy that is needed to conquer the dog niche in Europe and beyond? If so, we can’t wait to hear from you.

We are looking for a Full-Stack Lead Developer who is excited about building new products / services and (online) experiences for dogs and their parents. The ideal applicant will have a highly analytical, organized and fairly creative mindset that drives him or her to find innovative solutions to common problems. 

You will become part of the founding / management team, working directly with the founder (digital marketing expert) to create a subscription commerce machine that dogs will smell from a distance. 


You are personally offended when someone has to click three times to do something that should take one. You desperately want to get things done. You like to shake up conservative markets. You love the fact that the code you deploy results in tails wagging across the Europe. You know that the success of the company lies in the strength of the team and you are excited to collaborate and mentor over time. 

Other characteristics

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • You are highly analytical;
  • Decisive and communicative;
  • You are a connecting force that understands the interests of both the team and the customer;
  • Innovative;
  • Ability to explain complex subjects in a way that is easy to understand;
  • Ability to mobilize and inspire people, being a teambuilder;
  • Pragmatic, flexible, result-oriented and analytical;
  • Last but not least; dogs can make you smile. :D


  • Product focus
    Participate in the brainstorm and planning of features to set the company up for success. Maintain a prioritized roadmap and backlog.
  • Technical 
    Build beautiful intuitive user interfaces that take advantage of the customer data we have in the database. 
  • Feature delivery 
    Write well designed, testable and reliable code as you ship features that make dogs happy and your coworkers too.
  • Code quality 
    Promote best practices to continually improve code quality and team productivity.


  • You are an experienced full-stack developer;
  • You have delivered and maintained on production software in a team environment;
  • You can design data models and optimize queries;
  • You write tests early and often;
  • You care about delivering a good customer experience and align your code to that;
  • You are able to easily dive in, understand, and build on an existing codebase;
  • Bonus points for experience with Shopify, Podio, Globiflow, AWS, Django, Mailchimp, Zapier, Typeform, Sendcloud, Sendinblue, Messenger platform API, Mollie or Stripe billing.  

The (dog) job

Examples of what needs to be done

Front-end as well as back-end development is needed. We are happy to give you concrete examples of what needs to be done.

  • Giving structure to the database and linking it to different systems;
  • Build a good subscription management system (back end + UI);
  • Build a gift-option on the website where people can give and receive gifts;
  • Syncing customer/dog data to the right systems for growth hacking; 
  • Presenting dog lovers with dynamic content in Messenger;
  • Linking a dashboard to enable more data-driven decision making;
  • In the near-future, building a SaaS-solution or platform for dog owners (and/or businesses), leveraging network-effects and Snuffelbox. 


As the Lead Developer of Snuffelbox you are responsible for:

  • Translating internal and external wishes to a technical roadmap;
  • Coding the roadmap yourself at first;
  • Determine technical standards and way of working;
  • Future coaching of other technical people in the team.

In addition, your opinion counts heavily in the strategic choices that are made. 

What we expect

Snuffelbox is looking for a Fullstack Lead Developer to become partner of the company.

Four aspects that Snuffelbox expects:

1. Platform selection and technical design

Together with the founder you will think about the future of the company and build the tech-stack that is needed to thrive in the nearby future. 

2. See the big picture

You must be the person in the room who knows what the technology can and can not do. That means knowing what is written and what is not, what architecture can and can not support and how long it would take to build something new.

3. Give options

Never say "that's impossible" or "we would never do that." Instead, consider options and communicate with everyone in the company. We can not have an honest dialogue if one party thinks they know all the answers.

4. Think 80/20

Time and money are limited for every start-up company. Snuffelbox is no exception. Try to think of ways to get 80% of the benefit for 20% time / costs.

What we offer

We care a lot about employees and acknowledge the contribution each one of them makes to our success. We offer a dynamic workplace based on respect, where everyone has a voice and participates in decision-making. Working for us means being part of a family.

As you will be part of the founding team, while growing and scaling up the company, you will learn a lot about entrepreneurship and about subscription commerce.

  • Real-world usage
    We foresee a future where your technical solutions will be used by hundreds of thousands of dog owners. Your contribution will ensure that dogs and their owners are better helped and therefore have more time for each other.
  • Technical challenging projects
    We have a couple of interesting ideas to leverage Snuffelbox in combination with network-effects. Implementing these ideas will require some serious technical know-how.
  • Flexibility
    Although we prefer smelling you often, there is certainly a lot of room for you to decide when and where you work.
  • Salary
    To be upfront about this; we won't be able to pay you like Microsoft or Apple, but we will discuss a compensation that is reasonable for both.
  • Equity
    Depending on the salary conditions, we can offer up to 20% of the shares in a company that has:
    • Realized 225k in investments (+ a big investor on board)
    • Served 15.000+ customers
    • 750+ quarterly / monthly subscribers
    • A big social presence with 45.000+ Facebook fans and an Instagram network with a reach of over 2 million followers;
    • A rich database of more than 40.000 dogs and their parents.
  • Network
    A great network of other founders and investors.

This position is part time starting from 8 hrs a week, growing to full time a.s.a.p. We offer salary + stock. It is located on-site at our office in 's-Hertogenbosch but working (partly) remotely can be discussed.

Is your tail wagging?

Of course it is! Help us hire you: describe what makes you great and valuable for our team. More specifically we are interested in the complex projects you have worked on in the past.

  • Email:
  • Tel: +31 6 4605 8241